Motivation on Monday

Amazing what indomitable drive can bring to you. The story of Mary Kay Ash is for sure one of my favorites, her story is one of determination and love. She is the epitome of a phenomenal women. Having a dream is just that until you commit to making it a reality. We often sit and think of millions of brilliant ideas that would instantly change our lives if we actually did the foot work. So often we allow our vision to dissolve because soon after we have that amazing idea we start to think of all the ways it could fail. Why do we do that? I hate that moment when doubt kicks in and the rains starts to pour on my fireworks. It has stopped me so many times from just following what my soul tells me is mine.

For me it’s hard because I know I’m capable of doing amazing things; I have great ideas, I’m able to work with others, I’m a listener, a critical thinker, I’ll put myself out there, ect ect. However, I am often an over thinker. I start to think about everything that could happen and the impact and it starts to discourage me. The thought of investing (mentally, physically and financially) in something to fail is gut wrenching for me. I use to have the silly mindset of “I don’t want to fail, so I would rather not even try”. How stupid is that? So lately I have been pushing myself to do something every day that is aligned with my goals, the footwork of putting the picture together. Below is the chart I created to list and track my goals.


It helps me see the movement, keep track of contact names, numbers, websites, ect, and the biggest thing is it acts as a tool of accountability for me. Like “UMMMMMM Ms. Thing you haven’t tracked anything in two days, oh you slacking slacking”. Then it triggers that mind to move, whether it’s taking 5 minutes to get some research done or taking the leap and calling a source I wish to partner with. The cart is very useful. The key with charts and journals is not letting it get old and boring. So many times I’ve started habits and 3 weeks later it’s like “ohhhh I remember when I was writing down my goals and tracking them…..cute!” NO!!!! Make it a point to keep your journal out in the open; on your desk, by your sofa, in the kitchen. Where ever you spend time doing something that could allow a 5 minute break. My favorite is while I’m cooking, I can rest my feet and sit down for 5 minutes to reflect on my day, look somethings up and make my to-do-list. It’s all about getting in the habit of greatness, spending time with your goals and seeing them through.

This story about Mary Kay Ash will have you ready to lace your shoes up and chase your dreams. After you watch it take some time to draft your dreams, develop goals, set some activities and give yourself a few deadlines. I challenge you all to make the daily routine of reflecting and planning. Do you have any strategies that have helped you reach a goal that you are proud of? If so let me know what works for you, I would live to give them a try!

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