Winter Skin Care Transition!!!

So I live in Maryland and this weekend little Miss Winter tried to show off. It’s safe to say that it is time to start transitioning from warm weather routines to cold weather routines. My most important transitions are my clothes, hair care, and skin care!!!!

I’ll probably do another blog tonight on my hair care routine and products, but for now I will start with my skincare routine


I am sworn by Dove soap, no matter what cleanser I am using I always wash my face with the Dove White Beauty Bar while in the shower (BUT DO NOT USE THE TOWEL YOU USE TO WASH YOUR BODY). Once I am ready to brush my teeth and wash my face, I use my Biore Charcoal Acne Scrub face wash.  I love the exfoliating beads in the winter since the cold air dries my face and leads to a higher amount of dry dead skin. This wash helps breaks down that dead skin leaving me with an even glow. After I wash I use a paper towel to pat my face dry. Wash cloths tend to hold amounts of bacteria and I just rather not have that on my face. I use a clean cotton ball and apply Sea Breeze Astringent the blue bottle for sensitive skin. I love how fresh my face feels after!!!! I allow that to dry completely and then apply a 100% all natural Vitamin E oil. I’m not stuck on one brand for vitamin E oils yet, but I make sure the oil is not super thick, I like the oil as thin as I can find.


I use the Biore Charcoal Self Heating mask at least once a week, and the L’Oréal Pure Clay Charcoal mask that I rotate in twice a month. Clearly I love charcoal, it helps to get deep and really cleans out your pores. My skin can be oily at times and charcoal helps break the oils down.


  • Try not to leave makeup on you face overnight
  • Don’t allow your butt towel to touch your face
  • Notice when you face is telling you that it needs a change in products. I have noticed that my skin does not like too much of the same thing, when I notice a bump coming I switch up my products. For my switch period I normally go to is Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne face wash. I’ll use it for two or three week then go back.
  • If you do not use a face wash with beads in it remember to include an exfoliator in your routine. You want to buff the dead skin away and allow for glow to shine


When my face has a nasty break out I run to Clean and Clear Advantage 3 in 1 cleanser. This face wash contains Benzoyl Peroxide which can be strong on my skin so I use it once a night for three days, on those nights I do not use my Sea Breeze, but I do still apply my oil. The Benzoyl works wonders on clearing my skin up, but if I use it too much it dries my face and leaves dark marks around my eyes and mouth. So when I say only use it enough for the medicine to get into your skin, I mean that. This stuff will bleach a towel (Seriously).

Let me know what you do for you winter skin care routine, what works and doesn’t work!!

Mommy Mode

Lessons For Living

© Alora M. Knight

Published: July 2016

I see you looking at your children,
Wondering what their lives will be.
If you verify some answers
Then their future you might see.

Have you taught them to be truthful?
Have you taught them to be kind?
Have you given them the wisdom
Needed to be color blind?

Have you taught them to be caring
For those handicapped some way?
Do you read to them at bedtime?
Have you taught them how to pray?

Have you taken time to tell them
What a miracle life is?
How to be aware of nature,
Share the beauty that it gives?

Have you taught them how important
It is to have respect for one another?
To be grateful, not be prideful
When good fortune you discover?

Do you let them know you love them
In a way that leaves no doubt,
So they know that is one thing
That they will never be without?

We like to think we’ve done our best.
Sometimes that’s very true.
Can you say ‘yes’ to all my questions?
I will leave that up to you.

I hope your answer is affirmative,
For then I know that you will see
A future filled with happiness
Like it’s supposed to be.

This poem touched me!!! I find myself often highlighting parenting in a “what can I do to make sure that I give Camdyn all the tools he needs to be great” kind of way. At times I’m hard on him and it takes a toll on me, when he’s sleep I look at him and I reflect, thinking “maybe I’m too hard on him” “I hope I didn’t hurt his feelings” “I don’t want him to think I’m the parent that’s no fun”. However, while I’m looking at him I also see a child that has no idea of what comes with growing. He sees this beautiful life filled with fun, amazing people, joy, happiness, food, water and no worries (gosh how I miss being a kid). As a parent I just want to protect and prepare him from the harsh reality of the world, but I know there’s no possible way to do that without him experiencing the ups and downs of life. So instead I try and instill in him key ways of being that I believe are the cores of a solid foundation; strength, knowledge, confidence, bravery, heart, kindness and love. I must admit sometimes I get so wrapped up in him being that person that I forget to let him be him. I’m like “Camdyn you don’t do that” in a way of speaking for his personality and character, controlling his impulses and keeping him in line with the core values “I” have created for him. Now not to say that is a bad thing because I refuse to have a kid that is; rude, disrespectful, behind the curve and just down right bad. However, I often ask myself the question “is my ways of control restricting him from being who is destined to be”. I have to remember to loosen my hold and allow him to express himself as an individuals but provide the known parameters for right and wrong. Such a large challenge, when at times I find myself ready to run to my mom so she can protect me from that world (seriously).

Being a mother has been an amazing journey and I would not change anything about the blessing that I have been awarded. That’s why I decided on the blog name “As We Grow”, Camdyn is growing clearly but I’m also growing not only learning as a mother but also as an individual. I’m learning to love and accept someone for who they are while providing a support and love that is so genuine, it’s as if I’m making decisions for myself simply because I want him to win more than I want myself to win

To all the mommies reading please comment below and let me know you favorite practices to encourage individuality with your little ones.


So if you know me you know I love coming up with creative ways to teach Camdyn! He is 3 years old and has a natural gift for grasping information, but I believe that it is my job to expose him to as much knowledge as I can. If I can turn it into an educational moment then nine times out of ten I will. I love to let him guide the moment, as I believe it gives him confidence in himself and it is developing leadership skills. I seriously can’t take any of the credit, my son is amazing he had something instilled in him during creation. Super shy at first but once he gets comfortable he will demand the attention of any room. So I have learned that my job as a parent is to water the seed. Encourage him, support him and always be ready to catch him if needed.

Last week I was at work having a conversation with a coworker who was explaining to me that she collects all the clear plastic cards that come after the new employee badges are made. She said she had been collecting them for months but could not figure out what to do, I just had to see these cards. Once I seen them my mind instantly went to educational flash cards for Camdyn. I thought of matching games, colors matched with their words, and many other things that had me ready to put on my arts and craft hat. However, the one thing that stuck out the most was the opportunity to use this tool as a way to help Camdyn learn to spell and recognize his name.

Take a look at our finished project, he enjoyed handing me the blank cards (this was not an activity that allowed him to be super hands on). We will practice until he has it down, and we also include a reward system with our educational activities and for this one once he can spell his full name and recognize each letter we will go on an ICECREAMMMMM DATEEEEEE!!!!!!


Since this is our first talk on Camdyn’s educational lifestyle I want to share with you a project we started about a month ago. We call it “Camdyn’s Sight Wall”, it includes 12 words (that are switched once he learns the entire set), as well as numbers and colors (the focus here is that he can associate the color with the correct word, and the number with its visual representation). The wall is in our kitchen (if you’ve read my last blog you know I use dinner preparation time as constructive time) and has been an extremely good tool with the start of the journey to reading. He is still always excited to visit and showoff his skills and seems to love the challenge.


Motivation on Monday

Amazing what indomitable drive can bring to you. The story of Mary Kay Ash is for sure one of my favorites, her story is one of determination and love. She is the epitome of a phenomenal women. Having a dream is just that until you commit to making it a reality. We often sit and think of millions of brilliant ideas that would instantly change our lives if we actually did the foot work. So often we allow our vision to dissolve because soon after we have that amazing idea we start to think of all the ways it could fail. Why do we do that? I hate that moment when doubt kicks in and the rains starts to pour on my fireworks. It has stopped me so many times from just following what my soul tells me is mine.

For me it’s hard because I know I’m capable of doing amazing things; I have great ideas, I’m able to work with others, I’m a listener, a critical thinker, I’ll put myself out there, ect ect. However, I am often an over thinker. I start to think about everything that could happen and the impact and it starts to discourage me. The thought of investing (mentally, physically and financially) in something to fail is gut wrenching for me. I use to have the silly mindset of “I don’t want to fail, so I would rather not even try”. How stupid is that? So lately I have been pushing myself to do something every day that is aligned with my goals, the footwork of putting the picture together. Below is the chart I created to list and track my goals.


It helps me see the movement, keep track of contact names, numbers, websites, ect, and the biggest thing is it acts as a tool of accountability for me. Like “UMMMMMM Ms. Thing you haven’t tracked anything in two days, oh you slacking slacking”. Then it triggers that mind to move, whether it’s taking 5 minutes to get some research done or taking the leap and calling a source I wish to partner with. The cart is very useful. The key with charts and journals is not letting it get old and boring. So many times I’ve started habits and 3 weeks later it’s like “ohhhh I remember when I was writing down my goals and tracking them…..cute!” NO!!!! Make it a point to keep your journal out in the open; on your desk, by your sofa, in the kitchen. Where ever you spend time doing something that could allow a 5 minute break. My favorite is while I’m cooking, I can rest my feet and sit down for 5 minutes to reflect on my day, look somethings up and make my to-do-list. It’s all about getting in the habit of greatness, spending time with your goals and seeing them through.

This story about Mary Kay Ash will have you ready to lace your shoes up and chase your dreams. After you watch it take some time to draft your dreams, develop goals, set some activities and give yourself a few deadlines. I challenge you all to make the daily routine of reflecting and planning. Do you have any strategies that have helped you reach a goal that you are proud of? If so let me know what works for you, I would live to give them a try!

We Spent Our Day at the National Zoo!!!

Hey Guys!!!

Since we live in Maryland about 30 minutes away from Washington DC, we decided to venture off to the National Zoo. We had perfect fall weather today, just simply beautiful, highs around 75 and cloudy. The commute wasn’t to fun as we experience crazy traffic in our area, but well worth it. I have come to the conclusion that it is best to go to the zoo in the spring or fall. During the summer the animals are hiding from the intense heat and the winter would not be fun at all. We made it a family affair and brought Camdyn’s dad and uncle (my brother) with us.

Here are a few pictures from our day!!! Enjoy!!!

Okay so how cool are these elephants as they wait for lunch to be served, I think we got a smile from Mr. 🐘 😁

We got up close and personal with a crocodile 🐊

Seen an anaconda 😖🐍

And of course stopped by to see the mighty lion

But the highlight for me was when we found out our zoo welcomed a baby gorilla back in April, his name is Moke and he’s superrrrrrrr cute!!!

What a great day!!! Days spent with the ones you love are always great, but having them while exploring the world is extra special. We are now all exhausted after conquering the great hill you must defeat in order to leave the zoo. Take a look at Camdyn who didn’t make it 5 minutes in the car before he was out.

What are some thing you do with your loved ones on the weekend??

Getting to Know YOURSELF

Okay so I have been doing a lot of thinking (starting to realize I have to be careful with that) about my journey, and I have decided that before I jump right into the vision I had for our blog I need to spend some time with myself. However, instead of spending that time alone I am going to share the journey with you all.

So I have been exploring me, it’s been about two months of actual application of tools but for the last year I’ve been feeling like there was a part of me I just was not connecting to. During this time I’ve read plenty of articles, watched videos, forced myself to take leaps, and even tried to convince myself that I was in tune with my inner being; but I could still feel that void. I had some personal things happen that got me to the point of “okay what the heck is it about me that I’m not understanding”. Through the journey of getting that answer I’ve learned that it was MY FLAWS, yes can you believe it. All this time of me knowing I was flawed and saying “everyone’s flawed”, I was missing the bigger picture. A simple understanding that being in tuned with your flaws is key to controlling your energy, making powerful moves, loving others and over all being a better you. I started to mentally challenge myself: I took a month fast from SnapChat and Instagram (was vital to my process), spent time talking to myself (coo-coo…. lol), figured out what my priorities are, took a break on hanging out (now if you know me you know I LOVEEEE MY FRIENDS), forced myself to be the catalyst for change in my household, read an abundance of information, tried to resort my life, and most importantly I have learn to appreciate everything I  have been blessed with. You would never imagine how AMAZING it is to better understand yourself until you make the commitment to spend that time with “you”. There’s no story in this world about how someone else did it, how they changed, made tons of money, became a socialite, fell in love… blah blah blah, that would bring you the joy like investing in your inner self will.

Okay, enough about me! If you do want me to blog more about that journey just let me know and I would be glad too (I love to talk).

Today I wanted to share this video, it is simply amazing and I think everyone who has goals, desires, ambition and all those good words should watch this 15 times. Mel Robbins a woman who’s been at her lowest and has found ways to overcome what you would think is next to impossible. I am still in awe with her journey. This snippet is so powerful and will change your way of being. Take a look and let me know your thoughts, how it has moved you, or what you got form it.


The Journey Begins

  1. Ain’t a woman alive who could take my mama’s place -Tupac

Okay!!!!! Super excited about this journey.

First I want to say, thanks for joining us. Whether you’re hear for just a moment or become a part of our family we thank you!!

This blog is about myself (Danielle or Ma now-a-days) and my son Camdyn AKA Bino or Bascuber (that was his dad’s idea). Being a pair has been literally the best thing that has ever happen to both of us (I speak for him, because I think he would agree). It has been nothing short of amazing and definitely a major learning process. With myself learning more than him, because he was able to just be while I had to become a new person. The love is pure, the stories are real, and the future is unwritten. As we document our journey please feel free to connect, ask, suggest, share, like, follow and subscribe. You know all those cool things!


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