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Lessons For Living

© Alora M. Knight

Published: July 2016

I see you looking at your children,
Wondering what their lives will be.
If you verify some answers
Then their future you might see.

Have you taught them to be truthful?
Have you taught them to be kind?
Have you given them the wisdom
Needed to be color blind?

Have you taught them to be caring
For those handicapped some way?
Do you read to them at bedtime?
Have you taught them how to pray?

Have you taken time to tell them
What a miracle life is?
How to be aware of nature,
Share the beauty that it gives?

Have you taught them how important
It is to have respect for one another?
To be grateful, not be prideful
When good fortune you discover?

Do you let them know you love them
In a way that leaves no doubt,
So they know that is one thing
That they will never be without?

We like to think we’ve done our best.
Sometimes that’s very true.
Can you say ‘yes’ to all my questions?
I will leave that up to you.

I hope your answer is affirmative,
For then I know that you will see
A future filled with happiness
Like it’s supposed to be.

This poem touched me!!! I find myself often highlighting parenting in a “what can I do to make sure that I give Camdyn all the tools he needs to be great” kind of way. At times I’m hard on him and it takes a toll on me, when he’s sleep I look at him and I reflect, thinking “maybe I’m too hard on him” “I hope I didn’t hurt his feelings” “I don’t want him to think I’m the parent that’s no fun”. However, while I’m looking at him I also see a child that has no idea of what comes with growing. He sees this beautiful life filled with fun, amazing people, joy, happiness, food, water and no worries (gosh how I miss being a kid). As a parent I just want to protect and prepare him from the harsh reality of the world, but I know there’s no possible way to do that without him experiencing the ups and downs of life. So instead I try and instill in him key ways of being that I believe are the cores of a solid foundation; strength, knowledge, confidence, bravery, heart, kindness and love. I must admit sometimes I get so wrapped up in him being that person that I forget to let him be him. I’m like “Camdyn you don’t do that” in a way of speaking for his personality and character, controlling his impulses and keeping him in line with the core values “I” have created for him. Now not to say that is a bad thing because I refuse to have a kid that is; rude, disrespectful, behind the curve and just down right bad. However, I often ask myself the question “is my ways of control restricting him from being who is destined to be”. I have to remember to loosen my hold and allow him to express himself as an individuals but provide the known parameters for right and wrong. Such a large challenge, when at times I find myself ready to run to my mom so she can protect me from that world (seriously).

Being a mother has been an amazing journey and I would not change anything about the blessing that I have been awarded. That’s why I decided on the blog name “As We Grow”, Camdyn is growing clearly but I’m also growing not only learning as a mother but also as an individual. I’m learning to love and accept someone for who they are while providing a support and love that is so genuine, it’s as if I’m making decisions for myself simply because I want him to win more than I want myself to win

To all the mommies reading please comment below and let me know you favorite practices to encourage individuality with your little ones.

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