So if you know me you know I love coming up with creative ways to teach Camdyn! He is 3 years old and has a natural gift for grasping information, but I believe that it is my job to expose him to as much knowledge as I can. If I can turn it into an educational moment then nine times out of ten I will. I love to let him guide the moment, as I believe it gives him confidence in himself and it is developing leadership skills. I seriously can’t take any of the credit, my son is amazing he had something instilled in him during creation. Super shy at first but once he gets comfortable he will demand the attention of any room. So I have learned that my job as a parent is to water the seed. Encourage him, support him and always be ready to catch him if needed.

Last week I was at work having a conversation with a coworker who was explaining to me that she collects all the clear plastic cards that come after the new employee badges are made. She said she had been collecting them for months but could not figure out what to do, I just had to see these cards. Once I seen them my mind instantly went to educational flash cards for Camdyn. I thought of matching games, colors matched with their words, and many other things that had me ready to put on my arts and craft hat. However, the one thing that stuck out the most was the opportunity to use this tool as a way to help Camdyn learn to spell and recognize his name.

Take a look at our finished project, he enjoyed handing me the blank cards (this was not an activity that allowed him to be super hands on). We will practice until he has it down, and we also include a reward system with our educational activities and for this one once he can spell his full name and recognize each letter we will go on an ICECREAMMMMM DATEEEEEE!!!!!!


Since this is our first talk on Camdyn’s educational lifestyle I want to share with you a project we started about a month ago. We call it “Camdyn’s Sight Wall”, it includes 12 words (that are switched once he learns the entire set), as well as numbers and colors (the focus here is that he can associate the color with the correct word, and the number with its visual representation). The wall is in our kitchen (if you’ve read my last blog you know I use dinner preparation time as constructive time) and has been an extremely good tool with the start of the journey to reading. He is still always excited to visit and showoff his skills and seems to love the challenge.


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